About me

Lorna Ritchie
Qualified psychologist, mediator (registered with the German “Bundesverband Mediation e.V.”), certified trainer for nonviolent communication (CNVC). 15 years of experience as a CEO, self-employed trainer since 1990, mediator and coach since 1999.
From Great Britain to Berlin
I have been working as a trainer for communication competencies within businesses, non-profit organisations, associations, schools, and Kindergartens, with families, parents, open groups and various “short-term teams” since 1990. I completed my trainer education with ABF e.V.. Their fundamental humanist approach to social interactions greatly contributed to my decision to make Berlin my adopted home.
I have been mediating conflicts in organisations, teams, and businesses since 1999. I also trained new mediators in organisations between 2000-2008. (www.mow-mediation.de)
Meeting Marshall B. Rosenberg in 1999 fundamentally changed how I thought and acted, and I’ve been passing on the principles of nonviolent communication (NVC) since 2000. I aim for the integration and application of this life-affirming approach in everything that I do. I’m delighted to see the impact that is possible when restricted thinking opens up and a seemingly impossible situation is transformed. When actions are clear, authentic and well-considered, great strength emerges and, with it, sustainable change.
Experience in management positions
I am familiar with working together with organisations from industry, culture, politics, education and the social sector. When I held a position of management, the implementation of appreciative communication was very dear to me. For me, this means that the manager juggles respecting boundaries, giving impulses, acting economically, supporting growth in others and taking challenges seriously.
Practising co-operation with business partners, customers, employees, and colleagues – everyone can benefit from empathy and clarity in synchronicity. It secures the future of any organisation.
My work attitude
The one thing that’s most important to me is to live a life filled with ‘heart to heart’ connections… with me and the people sitting across from me. I’ll gladly meet every role, task and person I encounter with clear presence, authentic interest and a willingness to connect – taking them seriously – and simultaneously always searching for ease, joy, and effectiveness.
The way I work
Theoretical knowledge of how to do something does not always translate into practical application. That’s why my focus is on practical training and transferring those skills into everyday situations. I have a solution-oriented, empathic and creative approach to supporting you, and will do so in a way that the speed, methods, and content are adjusted to your needs. My repertoire is eclectic and founded on humanistic approaches: systemic thinking/practice, visualisation methods, nonviolent communication, systemic consensing, holocracy, psychodrama, NLP, clean language, systemic constellation work, mediation.
I’d love to support you reach your goals with ease, effectiveness, and fun.
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