Happy Clients

I’ve rarely met a consultant who so authentically practises what she preaches – with every cell of her body, with every uttered syllable, and taking great care with the whole group of participants.

~ Uta Krause, director of the Telefonseelsorge (crisis hotline) Schwerin

In her coaching sessions, Lorna is an important resource to me, a source of inspiration and a gateway to clarity. She balanced a gentle approach with challenging me, depending on what I needed. I’ve experienced her as sensitive, straightforward, facilitating ease and also being lightning-fast, far-sighted and focussed, immersed, present, attentive, empathic.

~ Robert Vasenda, Dipl.-Ing, manager of a medium-sized business

Working with Lorna was energizing, clarifying and so helpful to getting „unstuck". Her coaching is fun, encouraging and beautifully honest. Being in dialogue with her is so helpful and she gently edges you to reflect, organize thoughts, feelings and get in touch with unacknowledged aspirations. I came out with a much needed plan of action to take me forward. Thank you so much Lorna!

~ Ivan Barry, Advocate for voice hearers, Trainer of mental health care staff

Working with Lorna Ritchie is to leap forward with a muse for inspiration, and laser empathy for self-confidence. Lorna has teased out of me many a break-through in knowledge, understanding and love of myself and thereby of others. She listens to me uncompromisingly, with deep focus and deep care. If you want to see more clearly, feel more profoundly, act more coherently, then have a session with Lorna.

~ Godfrey Spencer, M.A. (Cantab.), Former Senior Interpreter NATO HQ, Certified Trainer for Nonviolent Communication SM

When I’m with Lorna – during or outside of seminars – I experience her as completely open, curious and creative when it comes to differences of perspective. With her, it’s easier for me to see those differing perspectives are an opportunity to expand my own horizon and to together find a way forward.

~ Gudrun Haas, certified trainer for nonviolent communication CNVC

Lorna truly walks her talk when it comes to compassion. I find that her radical honesty, humour and bubbling creativity characterises qualities rich and rare that I so love and she so naturally lives.

~ Sara Hartmann, NVC Trainer

High professional competence, bursting with energy - doors, and hearts open. Empathic, in full integrity, authentic, sensitive… the training was quite simply well-utilised time. Her teachings are absorbed by the brain and go straight to the heart.

~ Stefanie Nowatzke, director of a day nursery KiBgGmbH

The lasting impact of the training can be explained by the mix of theory, practice, and training. Fully relishing the playful approach to learning, with lots of visualisation, which is underlined by Lorna Ritchie’s personality.

~ Sonja Müseler, director of the Telefonseelsorge (crisis line) Berlin

Lorna Ritchie gives you this feeling of being in good hands, of being understood. Her humorous, yet focused approach and her ability to extract the essence of what’s important, open your eyes to new options. Her training is inspiring, full of depth, incredibly versatile and very entertaining.

~ Jürgen Weimann, department director Behindertenhilfe Unionhilfswerk Sozialeinrichtungen gGmbH, Berlin

We and our participants experience Lorna Ritchie as a very humorous, practical and precise trainer, who lives nonviolent communication and is passionate about her topic. In our pool of over one hundred renowned trainers, she’s one of the best. Our participants are addicted to her and want more…

~ Dipl.-Psych. Michael Jelinek, subject specialist VIA Qualifizierungszentrum/Programmentwickler (qualification centre, programme developer) Kompetenzverbund Soziales und Gesundheit Berlin (Skill pool social and health issues, Berlin)

In her coaching sessions, Lorna is professional through and through. She combines skill and knowledge in her subject with a genius intuition and a great sense of the situation and the person. I also enjoy her diversity and her never-ending repertoire of exercises and methods. All of these combine to give every coaching session depth and liveliness, from which I can take away many learnings. Thanks, Lorna!

~ Jutta Gänshirt, Gestalt educator, Montessori-teacher, Freiburg

I felt both safe and fascinated by the process with Lorna. The care and vigilance with which she set up the context of our meeting, the way she invited us into a place of groundedness and her warm and solid presence allowed me to relax into a trusting, curious and vulnerable attitude and witness a very surprising release of a lifelong burden. I'm so grateful for the relief, healing and self-understanding Lorna's work has made possible.

~ Kevin Dancelme NVC Facilitator

My expectations for the NVC training were definitely more than met. Every module was hugely enriching! Through the many varied learning methods, I really absorbed NVC. A very good connection was created within the learning group. Thank you, Tilman, for your strong and professional accompaniment, as well as my felt sense of ease and appreciation. Thank you, Lorna, for your incredibly deep empathy. To me you are a soul whisperer, the experience you’ve gained over the years was powerful support throughout the entire growth process.

~ Tanja Mahel

Lorna Ritchie has shown me a good way out of several very different difficult situations. She can grasp complex structures of organisations and conflicts very quickly and has the rare ability to transmit and facilitate an empathic understanding. She puts the shoes down, you slip in and see the world through the other's eyes. Very helpful in untangling knots in one's feelings and leaving entrenched circles of thought. I am very grateful to her for this.

~ Anne Schoening, Building Commissioner of the Protestant Church in Berlin

I have seen Lorna in her work both with teams and in individual coaching. She has the rare gift of being able to filter out the essence from a ‘chaotic mess’ of information and emotions. She does this always with care and attentiveness. She can support you to find the right solutions from within yourself.

~ Beata Heiße, Counselling Lead for Kindergarten teachers, Mittelhof e.V.

NVC training distinctly improved my communication competence. I am now much better at communicating my truth than before and to identify the needs of those involved in conflict situations. How important it is to be empathic – not just with others, but also with oneself – was strikingly conveyed. Tilman and Lorna showed us that regardless of how old you are or what your background is – nonviolent communication can be used to create a supportive and growth-oriented learning atmosphere.

~ Annegret Engelke

The NVC training “Arbeitswelt in 5 Modulen” (“work environment in 5 modules”) surprised me because the impulses given there extended beyond the work environment into all aspects of life.

~ B.O.

Lorna Ritchie has the extraordinary talent of helping people. Her analytical approach, her expertise, and her many years of experience combined with an incredible amount of empathy make her a brilliant coach, who I would unreservedly recommend to anyone.

~ Markus Podszus, manager, VLS GmbH

Ms. Ritchie accompanied our team during a very exciting time. Her extraordinary sensitivity to every team member awakened our courage to solve our conflicts on our own and gave us the matching tools to do so. We’re very thankful for her work and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

~ Andy Seidel, director of the Kindergarten im Gemeindehaus der Luisenkirche.

The NVC journey with Lorna was intense, exciting, and so valuable. Today we at Semasio experience more conscious communication and increased mutual understanding that enriches our teamwork and makes it more enjoyable. Thank you, Lorna, for teaching us the NVC culture!

Martina Wiemer, HR Director@Semasio