Learning new skill-sets, deepening existing ones and moving from theory to practice.
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Here’s a selection of training topics:

  • Trainer training in Nonviolent Communication

  • ONLINE: Trainer training in Nonviolent Communication

  • Training as “Facilitator for Nonviolent Communication at Work”
  • Feedback within the company
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – introduction, intermediary and advanced training
  • “Setting boundaries while staying open” (NVC and systemic conversation)
  • “Engaging at eye level despite hierarchy” (NVC and power)
  • Empathy as key in work environments
  • Health management for managers
  • Facilitation of team meetings
  • Systemic consensus and resistance in conversations
  • Meetings and consultation using NVC tools
  • Complaint management
  • Child protection and children’s rights
All offers can be booked for ½ day, 1 day or 2 days. If there are more than 12 participants during in-house training, I prefer to work in a team with an assistant from my network.

The duration varies and depends on the type of training. My training space is in Berlin-Charlottenburg. I’m also happy to head your way and use your available workspace.

Please feel free to get in touch: +49 163 265 24 39 or e-mail

The NVC training “Arbeitswelt in 5 Modulen” (“work environment in 5 modules”) surprised me because the impulses given there extended beyond the work environment into all aspects of life.

~ – B.O.

My expectations for the NVC training were definitely more than met. Every module was hugely enriching! Through the many varied learning methods, I really absorbed NVC. A very good connection was created within the learning group. Thank you, Tilman, for your strong and professional accompaniment, as well as my felt sense of ease and appreciation. Thank you, Lorna, for your incredibly deep empathy. To me you are a soul whisperer, the experience you’ve gained over the years was a powerful support throughout the entire growth process.

– Tanja Mahel

The NVC training distinctly improved my communication skills. I am now much better at communicating what I really mean and identifying the needs of those involved in conflicts. How important it is to be empathic – not just with others, but also with oneself – was strikingly conveyed. Tilman and Lorna showed us that regardless of how old you are or what your background is – nonviolent communication can be used to create a supportive and growth-oriented learning atmosphere.

- Annegret Engelke
Training as “Facilitator for Nonviolent Communication at Work”
This 6 months course starts again at September 2023 in Berlin
“Working time is life time – let’s use it wisely!”

For existing teams
Choose dates that suit your timetable and get in touch!

5 Days in all

Module 1: 3 days
Module 2: 2 days


  • The Model of NVC, 4 steps in empathic and honest communication
  • needs-based communication vs. short-term trouble-shooting
  • clarity in requests, dissolving barriers
  • conflict resolution and skills for challenging conversations
  • effectiveness, equity and collaboration within hierarchies
  • burnout prevention and personal resilience tools
  • co-creation of a strong and amicable team-culture
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