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Enemy images are the main reason conflicts don´t get solved.

― Marshall B. Rosenberg
Meeting Marshall B. Rosenberg in 1989 fundamentally changed how I thought and acted, and I’ve been passing on the principles of nonviolent communication (NVC) since 2000. I aim for the integration and application of this life-affirming approach in everything that I do. I’m delighted to see the impact that is possible when restricted thinking opens up and a seemingly impossible situation is transformed. When actions are clear, authentic and well-considered, great strength emerges and, with it, sustainable change.
I’ve been mediating conflicts in organisations, teams and companies since 1999. I trained mediators in organisations between 2000 and 2008.
Mediation is:Mediators are:Parties in a conflict:
confidentialimpartialresponsible for self-care
structuredindependentinterested in engaging constructively
voluntaryqualifiedwilling to develop their own solutions
open to all resultsprofessional 

Source: Federal Association for Mediation / Bundesverband Mediation e.V. – Fachverband zur Förderung der Verständigung in Konflikten

A session usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes. My coaching space is in Berlin-Charlottenburg. I’m also happy to head your way and use your available workspace.
Please feel free to get in touch:
+49 163 265 24 39 or e-mail

More information can be found at the Federal Association for Mediation.

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